Vacation Recap and New Goals

Hello everyone! I had a great week in South Carolina with my brother, sister, and brother-in-law…I enjoyed lots of sunshine, shopping, drinks, food, and relaxation time. But reality hit quick and it’s back to work for me…just wanted to share a few pictures from my week away!


Greeted by palm trees upon arrival 🙂


First beer of the trip: a hef at Gordon Biersch


Great brewery tour at New South in Myrtle Beach!


Beer time!



Up close and personal with some sharks at the aquarium!


Broadway at the Beach!


Feeding the fox squirrel- indigenous to SC!


And of course…sushi


Family 🙂


And now, for a long-winded explanation of my new goal…abs by my 25th birthday! According to the new countdown on my phone, I have 279 days…sounds easy right? I wish!

So the goal: flat stomach/six-pack (hey I would even take a one-pack) by my 25th birthday. You may be wondering, isn’t this every girls goal? Doesn’t everyone want this? The truth is, that’s probably true, but for me that’s the one thing I haven’t achieved yet and I really want to get serious about this goal. Post-college I learned to eat well, exercise often, and lose weight the healthy way. But even at my lowest weight (132 last summer), I never had a flat stomach or any stomach muscle (that was visible anyways); I’ve always had fat there. And the truth is, I know that if I put in the hard work I can remove that. I just need to become even more dedicated than I have been thus far!

I just returned from a vacation, during which I put a lot of thought into my typical vacation mindset: eat what you want, drink what you want, don’t workout, all because you’re on “vacation” away from the norm. I tend to have the same mindset when it comes to birthday parties, nights out with the girls, date night, etc. But think of how many of those events happen each year! If you totally let go of your health goals each time, you will never get anywhere. Which is why I feel like as much as I eat healthy and exercise, I don’t look as toned and fit as I want to. I need to put my goals first and learn to enjoy myself without sacrificing my hard work.

You may ask, how are you going to do this? What are you going to change? Those who know me (or just read my blog) know that I eat well. They see me eating salads for lunch and posting healthy recipes here and on Instagram.  They know I am starting my master’s to become a registered dietitian. But…they also know that I won’t pass down a trip for ice cream. Or a dinner out to catch up with friends. Or a night out where I can down my fair share of beer/Jack. And as much as I love all those things, I realize that I have started to do them much more often (especially since it’s summer) which has caused me to sacrifice some of my health goals. I bust my ass in the gym 5-6 days a week just to waste it at multiple points during the week. Something needs to change!

What is my solution to this? Am I going to stop going out with friends and deprive myself of all treats in life? No! But I need to really stop treating “going out” as a “break” from nutrition and health. There is a way to eat out with friends while still eating healthy. You can still have drinks with friends without drinking a whole 6 pack in a day. The biggest problem I have is self control. When I go out I instantly think of what looks good and often order it without stopping myself to think about what will be a healthy yet delicious choice. Then I eat something deliciously unhealthy, regret it, and repeat it again. I also worry about what friends will say if they see me trying to order a healthy option while they all enjoy pizza, burgers, etc. You don’t want to be the odd man out!

The best way to survive these types of situations is to allow yourself to have a little bit of a treat without derailing your health goals. Have a bite of someone’s fries, order a kid sized ice cream, order a drink and a water at the same time and drink both slowly while socializing. Now, this is clearly easier said than done, especially for me. But I am now making the conscious decision to become more serious about my goals and hoping I can use these tips and tricks to help me accomplish it.  There is a definite way to keep your goals in mind while still enjoying yourself; you just need to remind yourself to put your goals first. If they are important to you, it won’t be hard to balance them with your career and social life.

I know this was a long-winded description of why I set a flat-stomach goal for myself and how I wish to work towards it. My hope is that by explaining this, my friends, family, and the online community can help encourage me to keep going. I plan to share my struggles through this so that others can help me! Any suggestions- eating, exercising, navigating social situations- are welcome!

And with that…happy hump day!


3 thoughts on “Vacation Recap and New Goals

  1. Laurie Lombardini says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Wow that was a lot of information. I know when you set your mind to something it will happen. Hang in there! Good Luck!!
    Love, Mom

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