DietBet’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Going Paleo!

Lose Weight, Win Money with FITNESS Maga...

While I was reading Fitness magazine at the gym yesterday I came across a blurb about the DietBet challenge. Basically, Fitness made a “team” where you can join for $30 and compete with others to lose 4% of your body weight over 30 days. If you are one of the “winners” who can lose the 4%, you split the total pot with the other winners. I thought this sounded like a fun idea, so I checked out the website today. My first thought was “well, everyone could just cheat about their weight loss,” but it turns out they have a system for verifying your weight: at your first and final weigh-in, you send them two photos: one of you on the scale and the other of the scale showing your weight with a code word next to it, basically to verify it is you. I love the idea of social weight loss/healthy eating (probably why I have a blog!); I really think that having a network of people with the same goals, even though they don’t know you, can really help motivate you and keep you going. And in this case, there’s money at stake…it puts you in the mindset of “I don’t want to lose $30, so I sure as hell better lose that 4%!” If you do “win,” you also have the potential to make money (and most do); the site says that worst case scenario, you get the $30 back and lost weight for free, which is a win in my book! So I signed right up and I am excited to take this challenge…it starts Sept. 9 and goes until October 6.  Anyone want to join me? It’s only 30 days, should be easy right?

The truth is, this won’t be easy! I wanted to sign up because I wanted to challenge myself, no matter if I “win” or not. I really think this can help me work towards my goal of “abs for my birthday,” as well as improve my health overall. In general I’m not really looking to lose weight, but I think having this goal will help me eat better, exercise harder, and be more committed, which will result in both weight loss and a flatter stomach (fingers crossed!) So, how do I do it??

I am thinking of doing Paleo for the 30 days and committing to it 100%, no slip ups. Obviously this is easier said than done. But I think being part of the challenge (and betting money on it) will help me stick with it. I hope! I also have been wanting to try Paleo for awhile, so this will be the perfect chance. I just have to remember: It’s only 30 days. My health is so much more important than that tempting bite of a cookie or slice of pizza. Do I want to eat those things? Of course. But I also know that I need to strengthen my willpower to say no. Every thing you put into your mouth is by choice; no one is forcing you. Once you can tell your brain that, you can truly make a change. That’s what I’m working towards now, and I think this 30 day challenge will really help kick start a new health journey in my life.

So I have 17 days until Sept. 9, which gives me plenty of time to prepare. I have been reading into the Paleo basics a lot recently, and definitely the hardest parts will be no dairy, no grains, and no legumes. I tried the no dairy thing in May (and failed miserably…) but I think my downfall was that instead of replacing most dairy, I just removed it. My salads without feta just aren’t the same! Therefore, going into this challenge I will switch up my meals a bit. I think I will have salads as a side dish rather than a meal, and focus on proteins with a great sauce. I also think no grains will be tough…I love my morning peanut butter and banana sandwich! Speaking of which, I won’t be able to have peanut butter…although luckily, I can have almond butter. This feels overwhelming right now, but I have time to prepare some meal ideas and substitutions before Sept. 9. Better get started…

Here are some articles I found helpful (as an extreme beginner just looking for ideas:

5 Painless Ways to be a (Paleo) Social Butterfly (since social situations are my downfall!)

Whole 30 Program (basically outlines what you can/can’t eat when going completely Paleo for 30 days, no slip ups! And google images of the before and after…)

Caramelized Coconut Chips recipe (and basically all recipes on her site!)

I know this was a long-winded post, but I hope that everyone can help encourage me during the 30 days. I also hope that I see results that inspire me to keep this up long-term, although possibly a little less strictly. I just need to make it through 30 days! Who’s in with me? 🙂 It would be great to have a buddy (besides Pinterest of course)!


3 thoughts on “DietBet’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Going Paleo!

  1. Jan Berkowitz Nutrition says:

    How To Be Successful Losing Weight

    To most people, the reality of weight loss seems like it is out of reach.
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    Yoour first major stedp towards weight loss iis too know what success looks like.
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    To keep yourself motivated, you should always write down your weight loss
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    If you’re hungry, don’t make ash decisions in regards to food.
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    Your friends and family can motivate you when you are ready to quit.
    Your friendes can be great motivators when you
    feel like being a couch potato and not working towards your goals.
    Surely, you would be willing to help them stay motivated, too!

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